About Us

About Coco Bistro & Bar

Coco is an independent, family-run business created by Tamara and Steve Lackey. Their family has traveled the world visiting some of the top vegetarian and vegan restaurants on the planet, and they have been inspired by the sheer range of foods, imaginative dishes, and beautiful presentations they have enjoyed over the years. Tamara has always loved to cook and experiment, and she has created a number of creative dishes of her own over time.

Establishing, designing, and owning a plant-based restaurant has been a lifelong dream of Tamara's, so when Grubb Properties invited them to build a sustainable restaurant from scratch at the still-under-construction Gwendolyn, they couldn't say no. A clear focus on community programming, events, and an opportunity to build out an inclusive bar, was a big draw for Steve. And their children, Ana Elisa, Caleb, and Sophie all have roles with Coco, from Barista to Kitchen Porter to Frequent Diner!

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Our Purchasing & Practices

As an independent family-owned restaurant, we are dedicated to being eco-friendly in practice and via purchasing, we source as much as we can locally, and we believe in supporting our community locally and beyond.

We believe in supporting our community locally and beyond! We have always been dedicated to being eco-friendly in practice, and via purchasing, and we source as much as we can from local farms, working additional talented local bakers.